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Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH), or captions, are text that appear on video to match speech delivered on all types of media. Their purpose is to make audiovisual content accessible to  people with hearing impairment but also to any other user. With life expectancy increasing in most countries, SDH are certainly useful for the elderly, often affected by age-related hearing loss.

In an increasing number of countries, SDH are routinely displayed on screens in public places, such as airports, restaurants, or sports centres, waiting rooms in professional offices, beauty salons, etc., in situations in which the audio cannot be turned on, allowing to all viewers full access to audio content .
At Sub-ti Access, we have been delivering high quality SDH to broadcasters, online content developers, film distributors, museums, public and private institutions for years.

We provide SDH in every format and are able to cover the full cycle, from subtitle preparation to delivery or broadcast.