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Live subtitles

Live subtitles

Live subtitles are widely used today, to ensure access to media content , but also educational and corporate content, not only to the deaf and hard of hearing, but also to many other users in an ever wider variety of settings.
Live subtitles provide immediate access to the spoken word by means of real-time, speech-to-text conversion. Text is thus delivered to television, online platforms and mobile devices.
We supply live subtitles either on site, or remotely, by sending out our titles online on any screen or on a dedicated app to any receiving device worldwide.

We work with well-trained operators who ensure accuracy and fast delivery, with live subtitles appearing in a matter of seconds, providing a transcript for any type of spoken word.

We specialize in subtitling by respeaking, constantly updating our technology. So far, we have provided live subtitles for cinema events, television programmes, live shows, conferences, press conferences, training programmes and many more events.