WICIP Project - July 2022 — Subtiaccess
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WICIP Project – July 2022

The official launch of WICIP, the first international project for the promotion of Italian cinema written, produced and directed by women also available in an accessible version, was held in London on 24th June 2023, at the Garden Cinema in Covent Garden.

WICIP was selected as a Special Project by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Its primary aim is to put a spotlight on female talent in Italian cinema and promote Women Empowerment, in an inclusive format.

The project includes 5 films selected among both fiction features and documentaries.

There will be one to three days of screenings and roundtables in a number of locations in different countries. Such events will be an invaluable opportunity for a true exchange of ideas among women authors, researchers and producers of different nationalities, as well as a chance to develop joint production projects and/or lay the foundation for specific studies.

The films will be presented in the original language with subtitles in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovak.  All films will also be accessible to the sensory impaired.

After an initial event in Toronto and the official launch in London, there will be several WICIP events around the world. Among the location confirmed to date: New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Brussels, Bratislava.

WICIP is the brainchild of Angela Prudenzi and Federico Spoletti.

It is coordinated by L’Age D’Or in collaboration with SUB-TI and SUB-TI ACCESS.

For information please visit WICIP.IT