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Audio description

Audio description

Audio description turns images into words, allowing the visually impaired to share in the experience of film/video/visual performance appreciation . However, the benefits of audio description are not limited to people with sight impairments: by providing an additional narration with a host of information, it can be enriching, and enjoyable, for all.
Since our early days, Sub-ti Access has been providing audio description for cinema, television, theatre, opera and many other media, spanning every genre and all age groups.

For live events, we provide on-site audio describers and well-trained operators. For pre-recorded content, we cover the whole cycle, from scripting to recording and mixing.

We work with specialized voice talent but also with top-quality synthetic voices, depending on the client’s requirements. We also provide audio description delivery, offering a host of options, including our dedicated smartphone app which synchronizes audio description with the film or programme soundtrack.