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About us

About us

Your vision for all

Sub-ti Access was created out of our genuine interest in promoting accessibility to media content for people with sensory impairments.

Sub-ti Access was founded in 2010. Since then it has provided captions, live subtitles, audio description and other inclusive services to television networks, international film and theatre festivals, cinemas, home entertainment, live performances and museums.

We have supplied media access services for the Swiss television, the BFI, Biennale Cinema (Venice Film Festival), Biennale Teatro and Biennale Musica (Venice), Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Turin), Teatro Stabile di Torino, Cineteca di Bologna, Mediateca Toscana, Roma Fiction Fest, Torino Film Festival, Macerata Opera Festival, and many more.

From film to opera, from museums to sports events, from in-flight entertainment to monuments, we design and provide customised solutions for universal access.